Preparedness Tips


1. Secure Hard Copies of all important documents, including all financial records and proof of assets owned and all contracts, agreements, birth certificates, diplomas, etc.
2. STORE DRINKING WATER, minimum 5-day supply.
3. Stockpile food and household goods.
4. Protect your financial assets. Keep a minimum of two months cash reserve in a safe place.
5. Protective, warm clothing.
6. Emergency medical supplies: first aid, CPR, prescriptions.
7. Gather alternate light, heat and energy sources. candles, batteries, generators, etc.
8. Compile emergency preparedness library.
9. Obtain alternate methods of communication. AM/FM, short wave, CB, ham radio etc.
10. Provide for human waste disposal to prevent disease.
11. Consider relocation away from population centers.
12. Prepare to defend your family and property.