About Us


Working to PREPARE america for the big one

Our Story

At Safety Across America we specialize in emergency preparedness kits, supplies and Employee Events. We strongly believe in being prepared in 3 places.. HOME, WORK and ON THE GO.   With over 10 years of combined “Preparedness” experience we will help  prepare you,  your loved ones and Business. We are here to help guide you to make the most informed decision regarding your Emergency Supplies, Making an Emergency Plan, and Being Informed. We have kits to support the needs of individuals and families, businesses, schools, first responders, religious organizations, city service organizations like police and fire departments, government agencies, and all four branches of our military. The  Safety Across America Website provides comprehensive information about our emergency preparedness products and allows you to purchase them online at the lowest available prices. We also have experts available via phone or email to answer additional questions you may have or to offer our recommendations. We want your purchase today, tomorrow and in the next 5 years (when it’s time to renew the expired items). We value every one of our customers and will do everything in our power to earn and keep your business. Why buy emergency survival kits from Safety Across America? Fast – You will  receive your emergency kit order in 10 business days or less. Long Shelf Lives – our food and water products have 5 year shelf lives, longer than the shelf lives of products you can buy on your own. Easy – Our emergency kits are complete.  No more hours wasted researching emergency kits or shopping for items. Affordable – it’s cheaper to buy ready-made emergency kits than to put one together on your own. Worry-free – With every order, SAA will send you “optional” lifetime email reminders when the shelf life of your food, water and other products are about to expire. EMPLOYEE SAFETY DAY If you are looking for a company to present at your safety day please checkout our employee safety day page and fill out the form. Socially Responsible – We donate a portion of all proceeds to our favorite disaster response organization: The American Red Cross!!https://safetyacrossamerica.com/faq

What We Do


We help you, your family, your business and your community become prepared.

Survival Kits

We have recommendations for kits which will help you at home, in the car or at work if the big one decides to hit.

Employee Safety Day

We will come to your business and teach you and your team what to do in the case of an emergency. 

Keep You Informed

Keep up with what is happening in the world and near you.