Personalizing Your Emergency Kit for Your Car

Our Emergency Ready Car Kits include all of the very essential emergency preparedness supplies to keep in your car. However, it is recommended that you also add a few personal items for disaster that will greatly help you in case you are on-the-road when a disaster strikes such as traveling to or from work. As roads may be impassible or unsafe, you may be forced to travel great distances by foot which for some may take days.

Complete Your Emergency Out-Of-State Contact Card


The ability to use a telephone and contact family or rescue personnel is essential. In case you do not have a cellular phone or if its battery is dead when you need it most, we recommend that you fill out the Out-of-State Contact Cards that are included in our emergency survival kits for your car. You simply fill out the card with contact information of someone who lives out of state. Since local phone lines will mostly be out of service, you can still reach friends/family via a payphone in order to inform them of your safety conditions. So you may also want to include a roll of quarters in your emergency kit as well.


Include a Pair of Walking Shoes


One important personal item to include in your car survival kits is a comfortable pair of old walking shoes. Just throw an old pair of tennis shoes in your trunk with your survival kit and supplies because, as mentioned above, you may have to travel very far distances by foot in order to reach a safe and/or familiar location.


Add Prescription Medicines and Eye Wear


For those people who require the use of contacts or eyeglasses, it is important to keep a spare pair in your survival kit as well. One thing you will certainly need in time of emergency is the ability to see hazards. Many people also require medications or treatments such as insulin. Don’t forget to include at least three days worth of your required daily dosages.


Stash Small Denominations of Cash


And just in case you didn’t think of everything, or you get stranded for an extended period, you need to carry an emergency cash reserve in the trunk of your car. About $100 in small denominations could potentially get you out of some scary situations (don’t forget…ATM machines will be out of service as well).